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2015 05 24 BJ Hochzeit Dani Gitarre.htm Picture_index.htm    2015 09 20 Jean with Vint Cerf  Inventor of the Internet (really).htm
At Betty Jeanne's and Josh's wedding, a large part of the Rueters tribe
collected at the family farm in Belm to celebrate at the same time.

We wanted to skype them the wedding while it was happening.
We didn't manage that, but we did connect to them by skype at several
points during the day.

Here, Josh and Betty Jeanne are at our apartment as we all try to get ready.
Jean was holding the device so the folks in Belm could talk with
people face to face, and see everything at eye level.

Daniel said I looked like a Borg from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

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