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Picture index.htm Picture_index.htm    1948 Ottis and Betty dressed up for square-dancing date at UT Austin (dating period).htm
This is a picture of Jean's dad, Ottis Ward,
when he was in the Coast Guard during World War II.

In 2013, Jean's mother Betty gave this information
(Daddy was getting very hard of hearing,
 so it was easier to ask her than to ask Daddy.)

"As I remember,
     Daddy stated that he had imbibed in alcohol
     with some buddies before this picture was made.
 He thinks it was made in either Connecticut or NY.
 As near as I can figure out
 -- since he recounted the whole history of from High school through the UT years,
    with no indication of years or his age at any particular point in this recounting --
 he must have been about 19 when this picture was taken."

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